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Six Foot Lever LLC is a Detroit based Marketing Assistance firm which assists local companies in training their employees in the use of modern internet tools to protect their business.

We assume that you have little or no experience in online marketing, reputation protection, social media, SEO, etc.  We try to train your own employees to get maximum gains without a large investment.  When you’ve grown bigger, we’ll also help you find a full-time marketing firm.  But for now, there is a lot that your own employees can accomplish, with a little training.

We want to warn as many small businesses as possible, about the imminent danger to their livelihoods. In the coming months, we’ll be posting articles and free information some of the popular social sharing sites, using this site as the hub.  We’ll link to the postings in other locations, so you can find them all in one spot. If you are a current client, thank you for your business. Our future clients can find out about what we’ve been up to, here on the newsletter.

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Darren Dawes

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