Is Your Website Content Being Copied?

Here are a couple of handy tools we use at Six Foot Lever, to analyze client websites and content. Both happen to be from Indigo Stream Technologies and have useful functionality, even if you don’t spring for the paid versions. They are fun to play with and can show you what you need to do next.

The first tool is called Siteliner. Siteliner will scan your website and look for broken links, duplicate content, and provide a nice summary report with other useful metrics.


Find your broken links

Find your broken links

There are other tools out there that perform similar functions, but the Siteliner tool is handy for the non-technical website owner to find broken links and to see how their site compares with other sites that have been scanned by Siteliner.

The second tool is called Copyscape and can help you to verify that you have original content on your site. Suppose that you are paying someone to create original content for your blog, etc. How do you know that it is truly original? Copyscape will find similar content from other locations, so you can verify it for yourself.


Conversely, Copyscape can scour the interwebs and tell you if someone is stealing your content.

Both tools offer significant value for the business owner who is not necessarily a web designer or content producer, but who wants to see if they are getting value from the people that do provide them with these services.

This article originally appeared on Darren Dawes’ LinkedIn page


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