Six Foot Lever Now Offers Technical Content Writing

We now offer technical writing for engineering and metrology clients.

In the course of helping our clients, we’ve encountered a common theme; They just don’t have the time to contribute regularly to their blogs.  Many of the companies we assist are technically oriented, offering very niche manufacturing products or engineering services.  There is often a disconnect between the personnel that run the blog and those that understand the technical aspects of the product or service.  A Marketing department can only write so much…before it sounds like “marketing”.  Your customers want to read technical information, if you want them to stay engaged.  Since our staff consists of engineers from various disciplines, we’ve started to assist our customers in the writing of technical content.  This entails an interview process with the client’s engineering and web resources.  From this, a topic list is produced and then we set to work researching each article and writing useful content that your customers will actually read.  Each article is reviewed by the client before publishing.

It’s not difficult to find someone to write content if you are selling sunglasses.  However, if you are offering niche products in manufacturing or engineering services, you need writers with that background.  For a sample of our writing content, please see this public article on camshaft gauges, published by one of our technical content contributors.

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