December 23, 2014

Training Classes

We are located near Detroit, to serve your Michigan company!

At Six Foot Lever, we are all about teaching the man or woman to fish, rather than selling them a fish.  Our goal is to train YOUR employees into the world of online leveraging tools.  These are the same tools used by “Start-Ups” and “solopreneurs” that allow them to run entire businesses from a laptop.  By teaching your people how to use these tools and integrate them into the existing business, you will gain the force multipliers of the new entrepreneur.  We feel this is a necessary step for any small to medium sized business that wants to survive the coming paradigm shift that will allow a small group (or even a single person!) to compete with your company.

It is becoming increasingly common for solo entrepreneurs to target existing businesses and use internet-based technology resources, to take over a market niche.  A recent instance we saw was a small marketing company that decided to enter a client’s niche (premium body scrubs, in this case).  Knowing where to have the product made for less, in addition to extremely low marketing expenses (through leveraged technology) allowed them to outsell their former client 13 to 1.  Now they have a NEW business based entirely on finding niche products and then absolutely decimating them with their knowledge of solo entrepreneur methodology.

You are probably wondering if you decided to try this, how much would it cost and what might the program look like.  Since our goal is to teach the skills, a little bit depends on the learning abilities of the student.  But the following guidelines fit the average skill level.  Prices are per class period, NOT per student, so you can train as many as you have room for in the “training area” (i.e. conference or break room).  Here is what an introductory program might look like (typical expenses at the bottom).  This is just an example of SOME of the modules offered.  Not every business model will use every service.  After an initial consultation, you will receive a suggested program outline.

1) Initial consultation and set up of “skill share” program.  6 hours.  $1200.  A skill share program is something you can set up ahead of the following steps and helps to identify good candidates for the next step.  It also builds company morale by allowing employees to share hobbies.

2) Red Teaming. 8 hours. $1600.  Imagine for a moment, you are your competition or a small start-up.  How would you take down your own company?  What are your weaknesses and where are you vulnerable?  Now admit that it is impossible to see all your vulnerabilities from where you are sitting.  You need to rely on your employees.  The Red Team exercise teaches your employees to find your organization’s weakness, through a fun exercise.  Conducted monthly, your employees will take turns being the red team and finding the holes in your product, service, and administration.  Remember, we teach the employee to fish, so THEY will be able to do this every month, after the initial training.

3) Marketing in the New Economy.  16 hours.  $2000.  Your employees learn the value of social, how to use it, and why it is the future.  They will also learn how search engines find your website and information and how it all ties together in a web, intended to lead your customer to you.

4a) Website Construction and Maintenance.  16 hours.  $2400.  Did you pay for or are you paying for your web development and maintenance?  Need to call a pro to make a change?  Convert your site to WordPress and your own employees can easily make modifications and additions.  Wordpress is easy to learn and offers many tools for search engine optimization and “plug-in” features that simply were not available on your old .html site.  This training shows your employees how to develop a website quickly and where to turn for resources to help.  In fact, we can show them how to convert the site themselves and then find an online resource to design a “style” for the site.  Make it simple, so you client can easily find the information they are looking for (like ours), or as complex, as you want.  The tools are there and are plug and play.  Optional:  we can assist with the transition to the WordPress format, however, the point it to show your people how to use the resources available to do it themselves.

4b) Content Creation and SEO.  16 hours $2400.  Now that you have a WordPress site, your people are going to learn how to provide so much value to your potential customers, they won’t be able to turn you down when it comes time to buy.  Discussing what you do and providing answers that your current customers and new customers can refer to, is the easiest way to climb the Google rankings.  But, there are methods and techniques to understand first.  Six Foot Lever can also assist you in writing technical content.  Our engineers can research and write a stream of interesting and relevant articles to increase the volume of information on your site.  We have experts in various engineering disciplines, technical writing, metrology, and other topics.  We are much more than a Detroit SEO service!

5) Finding and Using Online Outsourcing.  8 hours. $1500.  One of the biggest fears that any employer faces is the prospect of hiring new employees.  It is a costly and time consuming task and no one wants to have to lay someone off later.  However, most business tasks can be farmed out for less than you pay your current employees for an hour or two of their time.  Example: how about a video on the front page of your web site, by a professional spokesperson, talking about your business.  $2000?  $5000?  Would you believe $15?  But only if you know where to go.

6) Online Shop and Order Processing.  16 hours.  $2400.  This module shows how to set up an “online store” which works for services or products.  It can be used to completely handle the order process, or as an easy way to track the customers you already have.  Automating even a portion of your business will free your people for other tasks.

7) Warehousing and Order Fulfillment.  8 hours. $1500.  Are you paying for floor space and personnel just to box and ship spare parts, software, or products.  Transition to an online fulfillment center and off load that entire portion of the business.  Even if you just off load a portion, it will free your people up and save labor hours.

8) Recurring Revenue Models.  16 Hours.  $4500.  Why is this more expensive?  Because a recurring revenue model can easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  This portion trains your employees to create ongoing training and support programs that after development, create revenue year after year, without additional support.  In many cases, this can be a service to EXISTING customers, saving the expense of prospecting for new business.

We have many more classes and services available, but you may not need even the ones listed above.  Why not contact us for a free question and answer interview, that will help us identify where your business might gain leverage, using these tools?  This service is free and is followed up by step 1 (above) should you wish to proceed.  Email us at:

Six Foot Lever LLC, Detroit, MI


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